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    Gorni Kramer sr.

    Gorni Kramer sr.

    The Founder. the Godfather, the OneWhoKnows. He likes to be the model of Junior's shootings, despite his 94 years.

    Gorni Kramer

    Gorni Kramer

    Gorni Kramer is the pseudonym of a Swedish fashion designer, minimalist thinker and lo-fi musician, whose identity is unconfirmed.
    There's only one known picture of him, probably stolen in an italian restaurant.
    He actually lives in Barcelona, Spain. True!

    the team

    Elena C & Michele G

    The onLandBarcelona team is in charge of designing, producing and distributing the Gorni Kramer collection.

    El equipo de   onLandBarcelona  diseña, produce y distribuye la colección de Gorni Kramer.

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